5 Self-Published Books You’ll Love Reading to Your Children

If you’re a parent, times have probably changed a lot since you were a kid.

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Instead of 3 neighborhood buddies and a pen pal, our kids have 1200 Facebook friends. Instead of Saturday morning cartoons, our kids have 3D video games. 

Something that hasn’t changed is kids’ love for stories and books. Thank goodness for that, because reading with your kids comes with plenty of perks for everyone involved.

The Benefits of Reading with Your Children

Not only does reading with your child offer relaxing quality time and a screen break (for you and your kid), but it helps enhance your child’s imagination and learning abilities.

Studies show that reading along to a book with children early on in life through adolescence helps them build better comprehension skills. They learn things that are crucial building blocks for development, like reading from left to right and interpreting the tone of a sentence. 

It also helps build the part of the brain responsible for concentration, helping them with far more than just language arts. 

On an even deeper level, reading stories to your children can help them become more empathetic. By diving into new worlds and meeting characters they haven’t in real life, they learn to put themselves in another’s shoes. 

But let’s be honest — as a parent, you’re probably tired of reading that same alphabet book 3 times in a row, and have most of your child’s other books memorized.

It’s easy to burn through kids books, and burn out on the joy of sharing it with them. 

If you’re guiltily nodding your head right now, it may be time to spruce up your child’s book collection. Freshen things up with these 5 self-published children’s books that you and your kids will love. 

Dorje the Yak by Caryn Hartman

Self-published author Caryn Hartman may not have come from Tibet, but she sure knows a lot about it. 

She graduated from the University of Colorado with a BA in Anthropology, and after studying abroad in Tibet and falling in love with the country she got her MA in Religious Studies with a focus on Tibet. 

Dorje the Yak encapsulates her studies, along with the magic landscape and inspiring people she encountered in Tibet.

With stunning images, a touching story, and some education snuck in, Dorje the Yak has all the elements of a book you’ll want to read again just as much as your children do. 

Dorje resides in Tibet and, like the country, is facing the challenge of advocating for his own identity. 

The book is printed in English and Tibetan, and teaches both you and your child about the culture and history of Tibet through the eyes of a kind, relatable, and fuzzy character. 

Sylvana Takes a Spin by Melanie Claire Blinn Eulberg

Look out, Charlotte’s Web. A new story of a lovable spider has arrived. 

Sylvana Takes a Spin is the heartwarming story of a tiny spider too scared to leave her cozy nook. Some adventurous new neighbors move in and start to shake things up for her. 

Will Sylvana find a taste for adventure herself and learn to break free from her comfort zone?

Author Melanie Claire Blinn Eulberg is a long-time storyteller and teacher, so she has a knack for keeping audiences of all ages captivated. 

She was inspired to write about a tiny spider when she lived in England for a bit. While passing by old cobble buildings, she would imagine the lives of the tiny creatures who resided inside the buildings’ crevices. 

This is a book your children will grow to enjoy so much they might even try reading it on their own someday. 

Namaste, Rainbow! by Sharon Cleere

More and more studies are emerging explaining the benefits of teaching your child mindfulness

Mindfulness helps kids become more confident, focused and empathetic. Luckily for you, there are many children’s books to help aide in these teachings and explain it on a child’s level. 

One of those is Namaste, Rainbow. This brightly colored book follows the journey of a young traveler on a journey of self-discovery and the answer to one question in particular.

They come across different animals along the way, all with their own bit of insight. 

It isn’t until the traveler meets “The Wise One” that the answer is found. 

Namaste, Rainbow is inspiring for all ages as it reminds us that everyone and everything has a special light inside that they can share with the world. 

You can probably guess that author Sharon Cleere has an extensive background in yoga and meditation. She’s on a never-ending mission to help others find what’s unique about themselves, and to love themselves for it. 

Who’s That in the Cat’s Pajamas? by Sojourner McConnell

Who doesn’t love a good fairy tale? If you need a refreshing new one, reach for Who’s That in the Cat’s Pajamas by Sojourner McConnell.

Who’s That in the Cat’s Pajamas sends you and your kids on an adventure with a little girl named Emily. 

At first, her life seems pretty normal — except for the fact that her family has to move and everything she once knew is changing. 

What about her friends? Her favorite park? The room she’s had since she was a baby?

Luckily for her, there’s a special fairy named Dolcey who has a knack for helping children who are feeling down.

Dolcey hears Emily’s cries, disguises herself as a sweet black cat, and makes it her mission to see that Emily learns the joys life’s changes can bring. 

Fearing change is something we all face at one time or another, no matter what age we are. 

Who’s That in the Cat’s Pajamas will help you discuss life transitions and their accompanying emotions with your children, leaving you both feeling warmhearted and ready for what’s to come. 

Ballet Boy by Anfaney Gladwin

Mitchell is in third grade, and one of his favorite parts of school is being in ballet. He loves every twist, turn, and leap. 

His peers don’t seem to understand his love for dance and have plenty of jokes to communicate their discomfort. 

How will Mitchell overcome the discouragement and learn to keep pursuing his passion for ballet?

Ballet Boy is an inspiring story that shows kids that it’s ok to shine in their individuality, even if that shine throws off others. 

Author Anfaney Gladwin has a knack for helping kids deal with real-world issues while maintaining a fun, light voice that they can enjoy. 

If you like Ballet Boy, check out his other books like the wild west adventure Fastest in the West or Boring Bob, a story that uncovers the mystery of depression for children in a comprehensive and age-appropriate way. 

Whether you’re trying to teach your children things like mindfulness, self-love, or even Tibetan history, there’s a fun book around every corner. 

It’s time to cozy up with your little one and let the brain cells start working. 

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