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We just completed a relatively small order for one of our clients. Generally, small orders move through our production process quickly and frankly, without much fanfare. This particular project, however, caught my attention. The job was basically a photo journal that was compiled by our client during a recent trip with a close friend to the Appalachian Mountains. Many of her photos were exceptionally beautiful, most were your typical “tourist” photos. What struck me the most was the fact that, despite the variations in their aesthetic appeal, all of those photos were especially meaningful to her, and to the friend for whom we were printing the 72 page hard cover book.

My wife is an obstetrics nurse, and has worked in OB for over forty years now. You know, she was one of those special nurses who started working when they were only four years old! ;). She regularly tells me work-related stories and, in so doing, frequently reiterates her perspective regarding the privilege she feels to be a part of one of the most significant occurrences in a person’s life, the birth of a child. Now I clearly admit I would never put our work of book printing on a plane commensurate with the birth of a child. However, I must also admit, that the process of doing the layout, color correcting, printing and binding this particular client’s simple photo journal reminded me a very important reality. Each of us here at Steuben Press is uniquely privileged to participate, even if only in a small way, with some very special moments in the lives of our clients. Someone’s new novel, a family cookbook, a children’s book, a book of poetry or maybe even a grad student’s dissertation, are all special and significant projects in the life of its author. Our work helps to bring dreams to fruition. That is a really special honor.

The excitement a client feels when they first hold their finished book in their hands, and the happiness this particular client will experience when she presents her gift to her friend are moments that are not lost on us here at Steuben Press. We too, and not just my wife the nurse, are privileged to play this small, but unique role in the lives of each of the authors we serve. We work hard to keep this perspective as we move through each aspect of our workday. From our website, to our phone contacts, through our production process to the packaging and delivery of the printed versions of our client’s most cherished memories, we work hard to remember the primacy of the unique personal experiences of each of our clients.

Our staff here at Steuben Press recognizes the privilege our clients provide us when they entrust us with special task of producing their book printing projects. Given that you have found this posting, and are actually reading it, I hope we can have the privilege of meeting you and serving your special book printing needs some time soon.


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Roger is a co-founder of Steuben Press along with his son, Adam. Roger also founded R&R Graphics, a promotional products and graphics design business in 2001 and loves graphic design, typography and photography. He retired as a school psychologist with over thirty years of service in 2008.

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I was very fortunate to find Steuben Press for my self-published book. After interviewing several companies, I received a call from the owner and received a personal introduction to the process. I really needed that with this project. I was astonished at the quality of my finished product. Thanks for the personal service and providing quality work.

– Al Arnold, Madison, MS

Learn more about Al's book at www.orderlyforlee.com.