Bing’s Visual Carousel - A New Chapter in Online Book Browsing

There are so many great authors out there, both on the shelves and in virtual stores. Still, it may be difficult for lesser-known authors to get their captivating, fist clenching, mind-blowing stories out there for book lovers to enjoy.  

We here at Steuben Press and the innovators at, agree that people should have easy and visual access to books of all kinds. Whether you are looking for the latest New York Times bestsellers, or just a particular genre or topic, the new Bing visual carousel will provide you with a slideshow of book covers and search results based on what you search for. This makes it much easier for authors of all kinds to be seen.

3 Advantages of the New Carousel

1. Find great new books, not just big names

Book lovers all over the world find the act of reading to be one of the greatest joys in life. A truly great book is one that makes you forget where you are and has readers imagining themselves as the hero/heroine.

Readers want access to an entire virtual bookstore filled with authors they may otherwise never have known. So many lovers of the written word look for not the NY Times bestsellers, but for the little known piece brimming with mystery yet to be discovered. 

The visual carousel, now online at, will provide just that. The opportunity for readers everywhere to indulge in the pleasure of the “hunt” for the next life altering read to indulge in and pass on to loved ones.

2. The cover retains its importance online

In today’s world, where technology is at our fingertips, presentation is key. You need to capture your customer at the very first glimpse. For authors everywhere, contrary to the old adage, readers will judge a book by its cover. The new search engine carousel at Bing understands this. It makes it easier for authors to capture their potential customers they same way they do in a store, with a strong, compelling cover.

With all of the artistic innovations out there on the web, what reader will sift through a list of titles? When given a personal slideshow of options, it makes the connection between author and reader much stronger.

3. Book lovers can spend less time browsing and more time reading

With an entire library of colorful, enticing opportunities for your next read, the entire process of choosing a book becomes faster and more enjoyable. Sit down at the computer, choose your genre preference and browse the results. You can find exactly what you are looking for quickly and conveniently.

Reading is not only educational, but it is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing activities a person can take part in. It has the power to instill fear, anticipation, nail-biting anxiety, as well as sweeping images of romance and it makes us feel as if we ourselves are right there on the page.

Reading has the power to bring real joy and is one of the few remaining activities that is both good for the mind and for the soul. It should be encouraged… read on!

Adam user

President & CEO,
Steuben Press

Adam Ellis has worked in the book industry since 2002, when he was first exposed to the wonderful world of Self Publishing. Over the years he has worked with thousands of authors and helped to produce, print and publish countless books.


In early 2013 I approached Steuben Press on a book project I'd hope to get off the ground. I was referred to them by another business entirely, which I think is a credit to how Steuben Press is seen amongst their competitors. The project was a 120 page, full color art book that came out amazing. They under promised and over delivered a great book which I’m happy to report is already on its third printing. I have and would recommend Steuben Press to my friends and other self-publishers.

– Ian Robert McKown, Colorado

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