How to Sell Your Books on Amazon

When you start writing your novel, self-help book, or e-book, you're probably not yet considering how to sell the finished piece. You are focused on the writing process and the deadlines that come with them. Having finally finished your masterpiece, you have arrived at the next phase of the process: selling the finished product.

But where do you start if you want to sell it online? When you are selling online you have to take matters into your own hands. Selling your book is entirely up to you, so you will have to work the system to get your book into the hands of your customers.

Luckily, if you sell through Amazon, this is very easy to accomplish.

Amazon sells billions of dollars’ worth of books every year. They are the number one site for online sellers, and there are good reasons for this. The best part about selling through Amazon is just how easy it really is to get started.

Set Up your Amazon Account

Almost everyone these days has an Amazon account, and you can absolutely use your personal account that you purchase products through to become a seller. However, I would recommend considering creating a separate Amazon account for the purposes of selling your book. From personal experience I can tell you that it's nice to keep the lines between personal purchases and professional sales clean and distinct!

When creating a new account, visit and follow the directions to create a new account. You'll have the option between Individual Seller and Professional Seller. Amazon's FAQs are really good when you're determining which category fits best for you. Once you’ve gone all the way through the registration process and submitted your payment information (bank information, deposit methods, etc.), your account is ready to receive, and now you’re ready to sell!

Sell your Book

This is where all of your hard work will finally pay off – literally! Assuming you're new to this and you have a new title you want to start selling, you are able to create it through your account. On your inventory tab in Seller Central you can "Add a Product" and follow the steps through to register your book. If your book has been listed on Amazon previously, you can populate a lot of the specifics of your title just by doing a quick search in their system.

Once your book is in the system, you are then able to set the price: something you feel is fair, but comparable to the price that other sellers are selling their books for. If you're a new author, you may have to sell it for a lower price than you want to, the trade-off being that more people are likely to purchase it.

After the price is set, you’ll need to describe the condition of the book you’re selling. This can range from new, to good, acceptable, or unacceptable. It’s your call for how you want to label the book’s condition, but just know that if your customer buys a book thinking it’s in mint condition and they receive a well-loved book, they won’t hesitate to give you a poor seller’s rating. This could affect future sales. If your books were printed at Steuben Press, then your book's condition is undoubtedly great!

Now that you have all that squared away, save and list the book to finalize the process. Your page will be live on Amazon in less than 15 minutes.

Ship your Book: Fulfillment by who?

Once you’ve made your first few sales, you’ll have to ship the product to your customers. You can choose to fulfill your own orders and ship them from your home. You can also choose “Fulfillment by Amazon” where Amazon's warehouses will request copies of your book and they will keep them in stock for you. Of course when Amazon fulfills orders you're giving away more of your profit margin, but you won't have to worry about boxing up books and going to the post office!

Steuben Press does offer a service where we can warehouse your books at our facility and fulfill on your behalf. Please contact us and we can discuss the benefits of considering this option.

Advantages of Selling Through Amazon

Amazon is the number one seller of books in the world. With greater selling power than even large bookstores, listing your new book on Amazon gives you the power to reach buyers all around the world with just the click of a button. If you are self-publishing your book today, you must have it listed on Amazon to reach a wide audience.

The benefits of working with Amazon are right in front of you. Now that you have the product, you are ready to take the next step. Amazon is not only easy to work with, but they will give you a high return on your investment. So why not take that leap today and sell your book through Amazon?

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