Science Outreach Booklets

We recently had the opportunity to work the Science Outreach program at the University of Southern California. In a time crunch to get some books for an event, the President of Science Outreach, Kristen Zung, approached Steuben Press to see if we could help with a quick book printing turnaround. Of course we're always happy to help!

Science Outreach (SCout) was founded at the University of Southern California in 2008 to bring science (and fun) to kids in nearby grade schools. They visit 2nd and 3rd grade classes to get kids excited about science before their science curriculum officially begins in 4th grade.

They believe that by showing kids that science can be fun, they can inspire lifelong learners and science enthusiasts just like them. They believe that the great scientists of tomorrow are sitting in the classrooms of today.

To learn more about the Science Outreach progam you can visit their website at

Kristen was kind enough to share a couple of photos of photos with team members and the kids with the booklets we printed for them!

Thank you Kristen and Science Outreach for allowing us to help with your books! We really love to see the finished product in use, and look forward to working with Science Outreach again in the future. 



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When I was looking for a printer for my first book I put the project on a nationwide search site. The very first applicant was Steuben Press. Their estimate remained competitive as more than thirty others flooded in. Since then, through two more books and multiple printings, Steuben Press has proved themselves efficient, timely, responsive, and when I call, it's like in "Cheers," a place they know your name. I recommend them without reservation.

– John McReynolds, California

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