Best Book Awards for Self-Published Authors

It can be tough to stand out as a writer in a sea of indie authors. To find a loyal following, your audience needs to trust you. And what better way to earn that trust than by winning a book award?

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Book awards not only engage your audience, but they can help you gain the attention of distributors and publishers. Not to mention the title of “award-winning author.” You have to admit, it has a ring to it.

Learn which book awards you should be submitting to this year for the chance to join the rankings of other critically-acclaimed self-published authors.

Next Generation Indie Book Awards

2018 is The Next Generation Indie Book Award’s 11th year of granting self-published authors the acclaim they deserve. This is the largest nonprofit awards program for self-published authors today. 

All independent authors and publishers with a book copyright date of 2016, 2017, or 2018 are invited to enter. 

Don’t worry about settling for classifying your work as something that doesn’t quite feel right for the sake of entering — there are over 70 categories to choose from. 

The judge’s panel is made up of qualified experts in multiple facets of the industry in-cluding editors, publishers, book critics and fellow writers. 

Not only do the awards give you the chance to win cash prizes, but you also get expo-sure a leading New York literary agent. 

To enter simply fill out an entry form, pay the entry fee via PayPal, and upload your book! 

Note: Although your book will be uploaded in an e-book form, your entry isn’t limited to the e-book category. 

Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

This esteemed book award ceremony is aimed at professional, freelance, and student self-published authors. 2018 is it’s 26th year running. 

You can tell the founders of this award are experienced by the quality of their prizes. The grand prize for the Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards includes:

  • $8,000 cash
  • A featured article about you in the March 2019 edition of Writer’s Digest
  • A paid trip to the Writer’s Digest conference
  • A press release from Writer’s Digest sent along with your book to 10 major publishers

To get your shot at some serious exposure, first be sure your book is printed and bound. Send it in with an entry form and entry fee.

If you’d like even more of a chance of winning, submit multiple books! Just be sure you include a separate entry form and fee for each entry. 

B.R.A.G Medallion

Self-published e-book authors. this one’s for you!

The B.R.A.G Medallion awards are executed by indieBRAG, an organization that prides itself on providing resources for authors, readers, and publishers alike. 

Winning the B.R.A.G Medallion means:

  • An invitation to write for the indieBRAG blog
  • A book listing on the indieBRAG website
  • Ten free medallion stickers to put on your books, along with the right to pur-chase as many as you want
  • A digital copy of the B.R.A.G medallion for e-books
  • A 5-star rating from the indieBRAG team on leading online book seller sites
  • Social media announcements about your e-book on Facebook, Twitter, and Pin-terest
  • An opportunity to share news via the indieBRAG newsletter

To be entered to win a B.R.A.G medallion, submit an entry form, $75 processing fee, and upload your book in e-book form. The contest is not available to print-only books. 

The Wishing Shelf Awards

The Wishing Shelf Awards were started by self-published children’s author Edward Trayer, aka Billy Bob Buttons

Despite doing well with book awards, he grew frustrated that many book award ceremonies didn’t seem to care about the content of the books as much as selling their stickers. 

The Wishing Shelf Awards are available to all self-published authors with predominantly English books published between 2016 and 2018. 

Perhaps the most exciting part of these awards is the unique judging system. Submissions are divided into 2 categories: children and adult. 

Children’s books will be judged by children from six primary and secondary schools in London, adult books by reader’s groups from London and Stockholm. All books submitted will be donated to local libraries.

To join in the fun, first submit your title and a blurb to [email protected]. If it’s a good fit, they’ll ask you to submit a full digital copy of your book.

If you’re the author of a picture book or simply would prefer to submit in print, you can mail it to Edward himself at: Edward Trayer, 15 Cameron Lane, Fernwood, Newark, NG24 3GE, ENGLAND. 

Finally, pay the entrance fee of $69 via PayPal, then wait for the good word! Finalists receive:

  • A medal
  • A logo
  • A certificate
  • Web marketing
  • An advertisement on

2018 Kindle Book Awards

The 2018 Kindle Book Awards are open to all independent authors published between May 1 2015 and May 1 2018, with an Amazon link to the book. 

There are 5 categories to choose from:

  • Mystery/Thriller
  • Romance
  • Young Adult
  • Poetry
  • Best Book Cover
  • Reader’s Choice
  • Non- Fiction
  • Sci-Fi
  • Literary Fiction
  • Horror/Suspense

9 winners will receive $750 worth of cash and prizes, including:

  • $250 cash
  • $200 Kindle promotion
  • $200 reader giveaway
  • $100 group promotion through Digital Book Today

For your chance to get your name in the Kindle game, first register and fill out an entry form. From there, the site will guide you through payment and e-book upload. 

Be sure all entry forms are filled out thoroughly and any uploads are in the correct format.

To get more attention from award juries and readers alike, you’ll need to get some book reviews. Learn how to get more book reviews from readers, authors and other important outlets >

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