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We’re excited to get started with you on your book! Please fill out the forms below so we can best service your project. After you’ve uploaded your book files one of our team members will analyze your project to be sure all your specifications match the quote number you’ve provided. They’ll be checking for things like whether or not the number of pages you entered into the instant quote calculator match the actual number of pages in your file, and if your page and cover sizing is correct. Don’t worry if you think all the numbers aren’t quite correct – our team has seen it all and will work with you to finalize the project for print. If you have questions about how to prepare your files, please take a look at our Resources page which will have the answers to all of your questions.

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Digital PDF proofs are always provided free of charge, but please select from the options below if you prefer a physical proof to be mailed to you. A bound proof will be a copy of your book exactly as it will be in your final order; an unbound proof is a loose galley copy where the interior of the book is not glued to the cover and is not to size. All physical proofs are produced within 2 business days of receiving your payment, and are shipped in a USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate envelope. If you have additional questions regarding your proof options, please refer to our Resources page for more information, or hover your mouse over the question marks next to each option below.

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If you don’t feel your files are quite ready for print, below are a few options you may want to consider for your project. All services are provided by Steuben Press team members, who will communicate directly with you to be sure work proceeds at your direction. If you have additional questions regarding these services, please refer to our Services page for more information, or hover your mouse over the question marks next to each option below.


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Divine ordinariness frntcover

I worked with Jamie Howell at Steuben, editing, formatting, and printing my first book, Divine Ordinariness. She did a superb job offering ideas that truly enhanced the final product. Sharp, responsive, creative, and quick processionals, a pleasure to work with. Jamie even stopped the press to make a major revision when I got midstream deal-breaker feedback and had to rework the project. Steuben is the way to go for fine quality service. Thanks a lot, Steuben.

– Catherine Scott, Evergreen, CO