How It Works

You’ve spell-checked, edited and rewritten your book until you’re not sure if you’re crossing your t’s (or if you’ve gone cross-eyed).

But finally, the day has come when your manuscript is ready to go to print.

These steps will take you from having a raw manuscript to holding your beloved book in your hands (and kissing it, crying over it, sending 5 copies to your mom, showing it to your get it).

1. Get a Free Instant Quote

Our instant quote calculator will help you choose the best options for your book, and provide you with book pricing immediately so you don’t have to jump through hoops to get started.

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2. Upload Your Files

After you’ve tweaked your printing options in the instant quote calculator and found the quantity and price that works best for you, you’re ready to upload your book’s files.

When you upload your files, you can choose to add on additional services like:

  • Help with the cover design or interior layout of your book
  • Upgrades like creating the barcode for your back cover
  • Receiving a physical bound or unbound proof

Our team will analyze your files and double-check them against your instant quote. We look for things like page count, how many pages are in color, and the size of your book. As soon as our team is able to confirm we will send you an invoice and a link to securely make payment online.

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3. Meet Your Personal Project Coordinator

When the details of your files are finalized, and your payment has been received, you'll get to meet your personal project coordinator. Your project coordinator will work with you from start to finish to make sure your book is polished and ready for the public, from proof to print.

All new projects include our standard $50 setup fee, which covers up to an hour of time with your project coordinator to:

  • Create the proof and setting up your file for print
  • Make small adjustments like creating a spine for your book or adding a line of text to the cover
  • Discuss extra design time for adding bleeds, formatting, resizing documents, or creating more customized covers
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4. Get Your Proof

Depending on the options you selected, your proof will either be a PDF that you download, or a physical copy of your book that comes in the mail.

  • If you chose an electronic proof, you can expect a 1 business day turnaround after you submit your payment.
  • A printed proof (bound or unbound) usually takes about 2-4 business days for you to receive it in the mail.
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5. Check Your Proof

Now’s your time to scour the proof for typos or edits, and to make sure everything looks great.

If you have just a few changes that need to be made, your setup fee covers the cost of submitting whole new files to us one time. Your project coordinator can help you to get your new materials sent over to us. Of course, if you find yourself needing to resubmit your files multiple times, we’re happy to accommodate, but please anticipate an additional fee for this service.

If you find that you need some help in reformatting or correcting your original submission, it’s never too late to hire one of our designers to make your book perfect. We charge $50 an hour for more extensive changes.

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6. Go to Print

The day has finally come—you’re about to hold your book in your arms for the very first time!

Most books will take 5 business days in production, plus any shipping time.

Steuben Press operates state-of-the art digital presses, so you can rest assured your book’s images pop off the page with the highest quality color prints.

And our bindery operators will be on standby to glue, spiral, wire, stitch or even hardcover bind your finished book, before your order is packaged with love and care and sent your way.

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7. Post-Print

If you ever want to reprint your book, we keep on your files on our secure servers for a minimum of 6 months.

If you have changes on layout or copy edits, we can work with you to add any changes you want.

We charge a $50 setup fee if new files are submitted, or if we need to make modifications.

The most important post-print tip is to get hard at work at marketing your book so you can start making a return on your project (and ideally rake in fame, awards, adoration, the respect of your get the picture).

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