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At Steuben Press we believe that you’ve already completed the hardest part of this entire process: writing the book. We genuinely admire an author’s ability to put their thoughts on paper in a way that makes others want to read them. The struggle to be engaging, to be concise and to be comprehensive is something we experience even when writing for our website. Congratulations to you for finishing your manuscript, we know how daunting that task can be.

Now that you have your Word document all typed up, edited and ready to go you may wonder what to do next. How do you get your file ready to go to the book printer? The standards and requirements of book design are very different from what it takes to make a clean Word document. You’ll need to consider things like running headers, title pages, positioning of page numbers, your copyright page and font choices that will help your book stand out while not cluttering the page. The good news is our design team has years of experience in working manuscripts through this process to give any book a clean, professional touch that will get it ready for press.

Whether you need loads of help or just a few quick tweaks our designers are standing by for you. When you upload your files to our system you will have the option to choose Interior Layout services. A Steuben Press team member will review your files and any notes that accompany your upload to estimate the time and cost involved in finalizing your book for press. Please be thorough in your notes during file upload so we can be accurate in our estimate. If you’d like to discuss this over the phone just post in your note that you’d like a team member to call you.

We use Adobe products exclusively for our pre-press work, and if you are uploading a file from a word processor it will most likely be imported into Adobe InDesign as we prepare it for print. Using this advanced layout software your designer will apply styles to your work so that your finished pages look consistent when printed. Font choices and sizes will be considered, as well as proper margin sizes, page numbers, headers, chapter starts and appropriate intro pages like title pages and the copyright page. Our team has the experience to know what’s correct for a printed book and will be sure you are happy with your finished product. All book layout projects go through a complete proofing process with our clients so nothing will be printed without your approval.

If you feel your file is ready to print or only needs minimal work by one of our designers to finalize, we promise to never push our layout services on you and will be happy to work at your direction. Sometimes finalization can be as simple as converting your file into a PDF, or just adding in a title page. Whatever layout stage your project currently resides, our team will work with you to give you the best experience and product possible.

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Recently, Steuben Press printed my 213 page personal memoir. If you are contemplating having your own story professionally printed Steuben Press is the company for you! They will handle your manuscript with kid gloves and you'll be ever so proud to hand our each and every copy of your story to friends and family.

– Lin Joyce, Herndon, Virginia

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